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Animals in Yellowstone

10th September 2023

I’m a frequent visitor to Yellowstone National Park with its abundance of unique thermal features – geysers, mud pots, steam vents, hot springs.

Yellowstone also is home to amazing wildlife.

While I took many more pictures, below are some of the ones that I liked best from my last visit this year. There isn’t much text here, just the visuals.

A pair of sand hill cranes in the Lamar Valley

a prairie dog near the Old Faithful Geyser

a dusky grouse near the northeast entrance

a bison in the field at the Midway Geyser Basin

a mule deer foraging near Lewis Lake

a pair of mountain goats in the Baronette Mtns – they were about 1/2 mile away

a bison calf with Mom crossing the road in the Lamar Valley

a black bear near Slough Creek

Yellowstone as with most of our national parks is one of those places where you can find scenes and wildlife to photograph and experience everywhere you go. Hoping that you get to have the experience of visiting a national park.

Written by: Arnie Lee

One of our grandsons is enamored with cars.

When we visited him in Reno last month he told us his one of his favorite pastimes was looking at all of the cars at the local museum. So off we went to downtown Reno.

The National Automobile Museum is one of the top auto museums in the USA where more than two hundred vintage autos are on display. Many of these were from the extensive collection of William Harrah, the founder of Harrah’s Casino.

We spent an afternoon walking through the museums’s four spacious halls arranged by era – 1890-1910, 1910-1930, 1930-1950 and 1950 to present.

You couldn’t help but be impressed by the immaculate restoration of so many of the vehicles. I snapped many pictures of automobiles that afternoon. But the ones that I liked the most were the shiny, cool hood ornaments that adorned the vehicles.

Below are some of my favorites.


You can learn more about the National Automobile Museum here.

Written by: Arnie Lee

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Wearing Many Hats

27th March 2023

Turning on the Studio Lights


It’s been a couple of years since I’ve used my electronic studio strobes. I wasn’t even sure that they were still working. So I asked my favorite lovely model if she would pose for a few photos and she kindly accepted.
On this day, the outside sky was overcast there wasn’t much light coming through the windows. So I went to work moving the lights into position for the quick shooting session. I was using only two lights – one main light, slightly to the left of the subject and about ten feet away and a second light positioned low and the the right of the subject to illuminate the background.
Here are a few of the photos from this session.
To see more detail of the lighting and coloring, click on any of the images.

The above photo was taken at a different time using an IR (infrared camera that removes all of the color.


There was nothing exciting about my quick session, but I did enjoy working with a model who made these couple of hats look nicely perched.

Written by: Arnie Lee

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