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Travel Photography Tip #1

20th December 2009

Since my job often requires me to be on the road quite often, I’ve learned to travel light using only carry-on luggage. However, traveling light doesn’t mean that I leave the camera behind. In fact, I always travel with a camera just in case that great photo opportunity pops up.

Traveling Light

It’s a buyer’s market with such a wide variety of high quality, reasonably priced digital cameras available. For everyday use, I bought a compact camera with a high optical zoom lens. Perfect for travel, it’s small and fits in my coat pocket so is always near at hand.

On a recent trip, I spotted this iconic sign as I was driving. Knowing that I had a camera in my coat pocket, I stopped the car, pulled out the camera and shot using its no flash mode. Without the camera, the sign would remain only a faint memory.

It was still dark when we landed at the airport in Denver. It’s a beautiful sight with the terminal decorated as lighted mountain peaks. The small camera in my coat pocket was conveniently at hand allowing me to shoot this photo from my window seat.

Hungry, I searched for lunch and found a 50’s style restaurant. However, it was pouring rain as I ran from my car and found this old fashion gasoline pump at the entrance. Luckily, my camera was in my pocket and still dry .
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