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20th February 2021


I’ve taken an awful lot of photos over the years – some were for professional purposes, some as obligatory family responsibilities (wedding, birthdays, etc.) and some (many, many, many) for my own pleasure.


In this last category are a group that I consider fun photos. I’ve put a large number of them into my snapshot gallery.


I’m happy to share them with you so please click here and I’ll take you to see them.

Gallery Goes Live

19th February 2021

I’ve completed major changes to my Fine Art Gallery to organize and make it easier to navigate

My portfolio is quite large so I will continue to add new photographs to seven albums as time permits.

Why not take a few minutes to visit my photo Fine Art Gallery.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

10th February 2021

Eating During Covid


For a year now, we’ve all been dealing with the Covid pandemic. This deadly virus has affected almost all of our activities – work, school, travel, shopping – just about everything.

To combat this disease, we’ve been asked to change our habits. As a result businesses had to drastically change their operations or close altogether to comply with government mandated health rules.

Being involved with restaurants, I’ve watched closely as the food service industry has responded to forced dining limits or closures. In many localities, on-premise dining was prohibited so many restaurants started or increased take-out and/or delivery service. Some places allowed outdoor patio dining as long as the establishment’s seating arrangement allowed for social distancing.

As the weather turned colder, the popularity of outdoor dining dropped so restauranteurs looked for other ways to keep customers coming back.

Below you can see some of the clever ways that are used to keep winter outdoor dining safe and warmer.

These transparent igloos are spaced about ten feet from one another. Seating capacity is limited by local rules. Each has its own lighting and space heaters to keep patrons comfortable.

This tent has a slightly higher profile. Again the seating capacity is determined by local rules.

This classic delivery truck has been converted into a luxury, private winter dining area. The inside was cheerfully decorated for the Christmas holiday.

With snow outdoors, the small space heater keeps the interior warm. Patrons continue to wear their outdoor clothing but are protected from the elements as they dine.

The greenhouse structure and the ice fishing tent are other ways that restaurants have tried to accommodate customers during the cold weather.

We’re hearing that this pandemic will most likely be with us until Fall 2021. But until the warmer months arrive, many restaurants will continue to look for innovative ways to keep customers coming back.






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