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Landscape Tip #6

24th October 2009

Picture taking is often quite spontaneous but you can turn it into something that is more planned. To capture that perfect shot, you may want to take a few minutes to find the best view.

Take a Short Walk

What a view! I jumped out of the car and snapped the gorgeous Grand Tetons from the road at the Jackson Lake Dam. My initial thought was that here’s a view that can’t miss. However, a quick in-camera review revealed the orange floats in the foreground.

For this photo, I just walked twenty feet to the left and snapped. The objectionable orange floats had disappeared and a sliver of beach appeared in the viewfinder to yield what I found to be a more interesting shot. What do you think?

General Shooting Tip #1

17th October 2009

When you’re busy snapping away taking pictures of those unforgettable sites, do you sometimes forget the name of that unforgettable view? Here’s a way to help you keep track of things.

Where Am I?

On my recent visit to Yellowstone, I saw this picturesque hot water pool. It was located in a huge geyser basin with many other such pretty views making it difficult for me to recall them all.

My solution was to take a snapshot of the sign describing the site. Even though I don’t intend to print a picture of the sign, I now can recall the Emerald Spring. In this case, I also have some background info about the pool.
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