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Landscape Tip #3

25th May 2009

Most of us have scrapbooks filled with landscape photos. These pictures are a great way to extend your vacation memories and to show off your worldly travels. Taking great landscapes is not magic. While there are no right or wrong ways to take pictures, below are a few tips that suggest alternative ways to frame your landscapes.

Frame Cleverly

The photographer shot this picture over a wooden fence. By themselves, the colorful rock formation makes for a very picturesque photo.

Here, he shot kneeling down behind the wooden fence. This time the rock formation was framed by the fence creating an interesting alternative to the first photo.

Kids Tip #3

18th May 2009

Taking pictures of kids is one of the most popular uses for digital cameras. From time to time, we’ll present tips for taking better kids pictures.

Get Down
Keep in mind that kids’ faces are closer to the ground than an adults’ face.

By taking photos from an adult’s viewpoint, you’ll be pointing the camera lens downward and you may miss the expression on the kid’s face as we can see in the snapshot on the left.

In this snapshot, we’ve lowered the viewpoint to that of the child and can see that her expression is quite different from that on the left. Kneel down and you’ll see the world differently.