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Events Tip #1

20th January 2009

Wedding? Birthdays? Anniversaries? Reunions? It’s the natural place to snap photos to record your memories. We have a few hints that we’ve used to improve our snaps.

Beware of the Light

To capture the special day, we chose a quiet, scenic area. The wedding couple are relaxed and cheerful. While we have a nice pose, if you look closely, you’ll see that we haven’t done justice to the bride’s expensive wedding dress – the detail is lost.

To avoid turning the wedding dress into a blanket of snow, for this photo we’ve reduced the exposure so that the fine and delicate features of the gown are clearly visible. We’ve adjusted the exposure compensation to about -1 stop.
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Kids Tip #1

05th January 2009

Taking pictures of kids is one of the most popular uses for digital cameras. From time to time, we’ll present tips for taking better kids pictures.

Pose Carefully and Gently

You’ll often get more pleasing shots of your kids if you can catch them in a natural pose.


While the snapshot on the left is in sharp focus, with good coloring and composition, the subject appears to be in a stiff pose.

In the photo on the right, we captured her in a much more relaxed position. Although she is standing still, she appears ready for action.

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How we Stay Focused

02nd January 2009

With a history dating back more than 30 years, we’re here to help you take even better photos.

We are part of Abacus, a company that was founded in 1978. As a pioneer in the personal computer and publishing industry, we’ve served millions of readers with quality books and software products worldwide. With decades of professional  photography know-how, our editorial staff stands ready to share its in depth experience with you.

Our group at Stay Focused Press is charged with delivering “how-to” for the digital photographer. We’d like to help you solve common picture-taking problems so that you can turn a mere snapshot and a great photo.

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