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14th September 2022

Collectors Items

Among the many boxes stored in my basement are several older articles.

Some of them are photography related and may be of interest to those of you who like to investigate historical items.

Here are a few examples from which I’ve brushed off the dust.

Kodak No.4 Cartridge Camera

This booklet is for logging exposures for Kodak Cartridge cameras. For example, the Kodak No. 4 camera used 104 roll film that took 4″ x 5″ exposures.

This is an unused label normally used to return the exposed film to Kodak for processing. Notice the instructions for using the camera’s STOPS.

This is a Kodak No.4 Cartridge camera. Thx to Geoff Harrisson for this photo.

The booklet contains detailed instructions for longer indoor timed exposures and shorter outdoor exposures.

As you can see from the examples, the booklet dates back to the 1800’s.

American Photography Magazine

One of the popular photography magazines from 1939.

Another issue from 1941.

Sample Pages from American Photography Magazine

An advertisement from Kodak showing you how to set up a darkroom.

An advertisement for Voigtlander camera. Willoughbys was a reputable camera store in New York City for many years.

An advertisement for photographic lighting.

Asking readers to visit Yosemite National Park.

An advertisement for the Kodak Enlarger.

Leica M3 Rangefinder Camera

A photo of one of my legacy cameras – the Leica M3 rangefinder and a second telephoto lens.

While not as dated as the above examples, Leica started production in 1953.

Kodak Daylight Film Tank

From the 1940s is this Kodak daylight film development tank.

You are able to load and process the film without having to use a darkroom.

Watson Daylight Bulk Film Loader

As a young enthusiast without much extra money I used a daylight bulk film loader to save on the cost of film.

From a 100′ roll of B&W or color film you can load B&W or color film into reusable canisters. A 100′ roll of bulk film is enough for 18 36 exposure rolls.

Maybe I can find a few more items in the basement.
Written by: Arnie Lee

Stay Focused Guides

01st January 2021

We’ve published books since 1978. However in 2012 we ceased our publishing activities to concentrate on picture-taking. Still, you may be interested in any of our previously published books about photography including these seven “Stay Focused Guides” for popular DSLR cameras.

Now we’re giving them away free to anyone who would like a copy. They are older but many of the techniques apply to most all DSLR or even the newer mirrorless cameras.

Although each title pertains to a specific model camera, most of the techniques apply to any advanced camera regardless of the make. So if you have a different model, download a PDF copy and follow along. I’m confident that you’ll pick up a few tips along the way.

And while you’re at it, why not Subscribe to our Newsletter! – to your right? We need only your name and email address.

Without further ado, here are the links for your free PDF copy of our Stay Focused Guides. Click on one of the links below to view a PDF version of a book. Then save the PDF to your desktop.

SFG for Canon XS in PDF format

SFG for Canon XSi in PDF format

SFG for Canon T2i in PDF format

SFG for Nikon D40 in PDF format

SFG for Nikon D60 in PDF format

SFG for Nikon D3000 in PDF format

SFG for Nikon D5000 in PDF format

We also have several other books that you may be interested in also available FREE:

28 Tips for Better Photographs in PDF format

National Parks – a tour in PDF format

WPPI 2018

05th March 2018

What’s is WPPI?

Late last momth, I left the bitter cold and snow of Michigan and trekked to a warmer environment for a couple of days. My destination was the Wedding & Portrait Photography International Conference and Expo in a warmer Las Vegas.

Here are some of the photographers lining up to register for WPPI. I was told that attendees numbered about 13,000.

WPPI is an annual event. The audience is the large set of professional photographers and videographers who earn their living shooting weddings, portraits, school and sporting events. The five day conference consist of classes, seminars, photo walks and live demonstrations taught by celebrated professionals and industry educators covering every imaginable photo topic.

In addition to the conference, there is a three day long expo at which several hundred manufacturers of photo equipment, accessories, photo finishing services, frames, albums, software and services present their products for attendees.

The venue for WPPI was the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on the south end of the LV Strip

This year the conference consisted or more than 200 different classes covering a wide gamut of subjects: equipment, lenses, posing, lighting, flash, printmaking, pricing, babies, special effects, drone. The list of instructors are among some of the most well-known and successful photographers: Me Rah Koh, Matt Kloskowski, Denis Regge, Terry White, Bob Davis, Lindsay Adler, Miichele Celentano, Bambi Cantrell, Julieanne Kost, Hanson Fong, Jerry Ghionis, Roberto Valenzuela, Tamara Lackey, and Joe McNally to name a few.

While I sat in on a few classes, I spent most of my time at the expo.

Follow me as I take you on a quick walk through of the exhibit hall to show you the types of photographic knowledge that is available at WPPI.

Special Effects Class

Lindsay Adler behind the lens

A Lighting Demo

Posing Babies

Jerry Ghionis at the mic

Portraits Up Close

Single Flash Demo

Group Shots

Hanson Fong Bounce Flash

…and the result

During the couple of days that I spent at WPPI, I talked to several exhibitors about their products.

I’ll have additional articles here describing these products in the next few weeks.

I hope you’ll be back here soon.



Written by: Arnie Lee



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