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Action Tip #3

11th January 2010

There’s beauty at 30,000 feet and 600 miles per hour. Here’s how I’ve been able to capture some of this beauty when I’m flying way up high.

Up, Up and Away Suggestions

  1. Ask for a window seat on left side of the aircraft. Approaches to landing are most often made with left hand turns.
  2. Turn the camera’s flash off.
  3. When the light is dim, set the ISO to 800 or higher.
  4. Avoid shots when the sun is shining directly at the plane’s windows.
  5. Rest the camera lens gently against the window.
  6. For takeoffs and landings, you’ll need to use a shutter speed of 1/250 or faster.
    At cruise, you’ll be able to use a shutter speed of 1/125.

On an early morning flight we passed over the Rockies. The snow capped peaks make for a great contrast to the dark mountain base.

Shortly after takeoff, the aircraft passes through the lower layer of clouds on the way to open skies. The sun is starting to peak through the upper layer.

Here’s another attractive formation in the Rockies. I was lucky to have the warm color of the morning sunrise shed its even light on the mountains.

There’s beauty closer to the earth too. Here’s a shot of a picturesque river on approach to the Munich Airport.
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