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. . . in the Summer – HEAT

Two weeks ago I learned through Facebook that my close friend was in Las Vegas. Suddenly, I felt the urge to fly out to join him. After all, I hadn’t seen him for several months and I thought the time was right. So the next day, I caught an expensive flight out (last minute flights are always expensive) and we met up by dinner time.

Now keep in mind that when I left my home in Grand Rapids, the scorching heat took temperatures to an amazing 104 degrees. I thought that the Grand Rapids experience prepared me for the Vegas heat. NOT. As it turns out, the temperature in LV reached a record breaking 115.

With soaring temperatures, we decided to stay indoors for the most part, enjoying the climate of the air-conditioned casinos where we could comfortably talk, eat and drink.

My friend was there for the World Series of Poker Tournament and I was there supposedly to bring him good luck. NOT.

On my third day in Vegas, while my friend was entrenched in the WSOP tournament, I decided to escape the sizzle by heading northeast to Utah. My destination was Bryce Canyon. At 8,000 ft, the temperature was a much more bearable 80 degrees so hiking into the canyon was in my plans.

My visit to Bryce Canyon National Park was a short four hours.

On the way back to Vegas, I decided to drive through scenic Zion National Park where I caught a slight bit of rain but gorgeous colors.

So a few hundred miles of driving got me out of the record breaking Las Vegas heat and to some of Utah’s fabulous scenic areas.

Here we are at dinner: my friend Philippe Olivier and Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier, one of the world’s top poker players.

The steamy hot nightlife along the Strip

In spite of the heat, I had a great visit with my friend Philippe as well as a nice jaunt up to Utah to revisit two of the nicest National Parks. It just goes to demonstrate that there is life outside of Las Vegas.

Written by Arnie Lee

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