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Getting Back On Track

06th February 2021

Just recently we merged the site into this site. As such, we’re fixing a few glitches and making changes for easier navigation.

As many of you have noticed, we’ve been “off the air” during the 2020 pandemic year.

Soon we’ll be adding new content as we continue to bring you new articles about photography and picture taking.

Please stay tuned as we get back on track.

Welcome to Stay Focused

01st January 2021

Stay Focused

Great photos are born in the camera

By now you know that Stay Focused is part the arnielee website.

We’re here because we love taking pictures.

You’ll find articles based on our 50+ years of experience in photography. We’re happy to share our know-how with you so in hopes that you’ll discover new ways to enjoy your picture taking even more.

We recently opened our Gallery Store for those interested in browsing our collection of fine art photographs.